Talia Lanz - Jumbo Pyramid Pendant

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  • The pendant is handmade with an alloy of silver, brass and gold plate.
  • The eye is made of blown glass.
  • Includes laminated gold chain.

Jewelry Care

Since all the pieces are made by hand and we use natural stones, there may be variations between each piece despite being of the same design.

Most of the pieces are made of a mix of brass and silver, and all are gold plated.

The gold plate has a life-time according to the care given to the piece, the atmospheric conditions of the place where you are and that the piece is not exposed to corrosive substances. However, what most affects the duration of the gold plate is the pH in the skin of the person wearing the piece.

To increase the life of your pieces artisan recommends:

  • Do not expose the piece to lotions, creams, cosmetics, perfumes, or water.
  • Store separately.
  • Do not wear during cardiovascular activities (gym or pool).
  • Do not mix with other metals.
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