Millennial Loteria Board Game: La Shiny AF Edition

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Put your shades on, because this special edition of Millennial Lotería is shiny AF! And now up to 20 people can play! Every single card and board in this premium edition got a glow-up to guarantee your party is more lit than ever.   This game is a modern twist on the popular "Mexican Bingo" and features extra boards, cards, and bitcoins for up to 20 players.  No filter necessary, the Millennial Lotería La Shiny AF Edition already shines bright like a diamond!
Millennial Lotería Shiny AF features: 
* 56 Iridescent Cards (our original favorites made shiny + new cards that are funny AF)
  * 20 Game Boards 
* 160 Bitcoins 
* 1 Enamel Pin  * ...All in one Shiny Box 
OMG IMPORTANT INFO: This Shiny AF version is a stand alone game, and is not an expansion pack to be combined with other game sets. 


• Made in Colombia

• Weight: 1.5 lb (0.68 kg)
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