Colombian Monaco Tote Bag

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These bags are part of our Monaco Collection. The bags are beautifully handcrafted in San Jacinto Bolívar, Colombia 120K from Cartagena. The artisans handcraft this colorful bag using Caña Flecha or Palm Straw to create the most perfect and eye-catching statement piece. It is the perfect bag for everyday use or for a special occasion. It will surely make a lasting impression. It is 100% handcrafted. 

From Claudia Botero Designs

All products of CB Designs are handmade by artisans – mostly indigenous women of Colombia and Mexico. These women use ancestral techniques of weaving and threading that have been passed down generation after generation.

CB Designs begin with a simple sketch of concept and color. Thereafter, the deep tradition and rich culture, held within each artisan, emerges step by step. The materials are carefully selected. The artisans then begin creating the physical product — not just with their hands, but with their heart and spirit.

CB Designs is proud to know that every detail is brought to life by making its way through the artisan’s mind, eyes, hands, artistic instinct and skill. It uplifts to acknowledge each artisan’s unique and inherited contribution. Finally, it is an honor to work alongside the following artisans to preserve their cultural heritage

Along the Caribbean Coast, near the Colombia-Venezuela border, we collaborate with the Wayúu ethnic group of Colombia.

The Wayúu are known for their handmade bags or mochilas. The Wayúu use their mochilas to store personal and work items. The bags are made with quality fabric and weaved into stunning patterns that are inspired by nature.

Our totes and clutches are made by women of the San Jacinto region of Colombia. The weaving and dyeing of the materials are a skill established by and passed down from the indigenous Zenú People. Their textiles are crafted from cotton yarns and pigments extracted from native plants.

The techniques used by the Zapotec people of Oaxaca, Mexico are the inspiration of our Mexican handwoven tote bags. Since pre-historic times, textile weaving has been an integral part of the Mexican culture and heritage. It is a centuries-old trade that allows artisans to share their creative talents. 

Your purchase of CB Designs products not only brings craftmanship, color, and fun to your style, but, more importantly, it helps support artisans and their families.

Thank you for choosing CB Designs, Claudia Botero, Founder.

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Colombian Monaco Tote Bag

Colombian Monaco Tote Bag