Colombian Designer SP Fuchsia Thread/Aqua Dagger Pendant Earrings

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Near the colorful city of Cartagena, is the island of Tierrabomba. The scene of many pirate stories, this place is known for its abundant flora, its birds and its bioluminescent plankton. These earrings are inspired by those colors that appear on dark nights at sea.

These earrings are made with a central zamak ring and woven with a fuchsia rayon thread using artisanal basket-weaving techniques. They are decorated with African vinyl discs in blue, petal-shaped gold pendants, Czech crystal daggers in aqua tones and medal shaped lime green pendants.  They are very light, very versatile, and can be used in all seasons.  

  • All the silver pieces are in zamak (aluminum, magnesium and copper alloy). They are nickel free.
  • The earring pin is made of titanium in order to avoid any allergy.
  • Measurements: 6cms long and 5cms wide.
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