GUAYATÁ purple statement earrings with fuchsia

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Guayatá is a town in the Cundiboyasence highlands, where the “Sietecueros” (seven leathers) abound. “Sietecueros” is the name of an ornamental tree that is typically found in the Colombian Andes. It has beautiful flowers in shades of purple and magenta that brighten up an otherwise cold landscape.  They are made with a central zamak ring and woven with a purple rayon thread using artisanal basket-weaving techniques. They are decorated with fuchsia African vinyl discs, orange Czech crystal pebbles, and oval and dagger-shaped pendants. They are very light and add a cheerful pop to any outfit.   * All the silver pieces are in zamak (aluminum, magnesium and copper alloy) with a silver coating. They are nickel free. * The earring pin is made of titanium in order to avoid any allergy. * Measurements: 7cms long and 4cms wide. * Designed and handmade in Barcelona.
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