Gold-Plated Lariat by Triad Collection

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Lariat necklaces are a versatile and chic addition to any wardrobe. Here are three ways to wear them:

Basic Lariat Style: This is the most common way to wear a lariat necklace. Drape the necklace around your neck, with the center part at the back of your neck. One end will hang over each shoulder. Grab an end in each hand and cross the chain in front of you. Loop one end under and then through, exactly the same way you would begin to tie your shoelaces. Let the two ends hang down. You can adjust the loop higher or lower, depending on what kind of effect you want to achieve.

Front Knot Style: This style is perfect for formal wear and high-end business suits. Put the lariat around your neck, so that both ends drape over your shoulders and onto your chest. Grab both ends of the chain in one hand. Create a loop with both strands, then pull the ends of the lariat through the loop. This will tie a knot in the front. The final look very closely resembles a bolo tie.

Scarf Style: This is the easiest way to wear a lariat necklace. Fold the chain in half, so that both strands are running parallel to one another. Hold one end of the doubled necklace in each hand, then wrap the folded necklace around your neck. Pull the ends of the lariat to be in front. In the other hand, the doubled chain has created a loop.

  • Materials: Gold-plated brass, Crystals as described
  • Dimensions: Approx. 51" L

Amethyst is widely known as a natural tranquilizer as it relieves an individual from stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, and dispels anger, rage, fear, and anxiety.

Citrine has also long been connected with wealth, prosperity, and abundance. 

White quartz has healing properties that reduce negative energy and stress from our system. Its healing properties enhance wisdom and sharpen the mind.

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Gold-Plated Lariat by Triad Collection

Gold-Plated Lariat by Triad Collection