Colombian Designer SP Orange Thread/Blue Dagger Pendant Earrings

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The Caparrapí name comes from Colima language, meaning "inhabitant of the ravines". It is located in Bajo Magdalena and enjoys a pleasant spring-like climate throughout the year. Its origin dates back to the settlement of the indigenous caparrapíes, near the Negro river, very close to the current location.  They are long and light earrings, made with a central zamak hoop, woven with coral orange rayon thread, African vinyl beads from Nigeria in light blue tones, a semicircle of zamak, navy blue nautical cord and blue Czech glass beads in dagger shape.  

  •  All the silver pieces are in zamak (aluminum, magnesium and copper alloy) with a silver coating. They are nickel free.
  • The earring pin is made of titanium in order to avoid any allergy.
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